Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I love Burberry, maybe it's because I was born in grey England or something, but every time I see Burberry, anywhere, I really, really! want to be close to it. And I know I am Far from the only one with these kind of feelings. The old movies and books with the men with their Burberry coats and bowler hats have always been precious to me and that Burberry has retained that "Old Fashioned" style, palette, and class with a grounded-ness to it is wonderful. I always think "Brown", but in a good way. :)

I also love Emma Watson, she has such a nice image, (nice is the most un-committal word, I know), but really, think of Nice in it's real meaning, she really comes across as a Nice person, and she is FABULOUSLY stylish in all the right ways.) Do you agree? Or am I deluded on this.
Anyway, and now Burberry is combining with her for their advertising campaigns for 09 and now this AW09/10 I couldn't be happier.

These photos caught my eye and I just Have to share them... I hope they make you feel happy for Autumn and Winter too...

Images: Burberry

images: Teen Vogue

for a little more Emma Watson and a suuper fashion blog check out March 14th :)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

fashion heat

Friday night, the first of the two iD Dunedin Fashion Shows was freezing cold at the Railway station. This shot I took of one of the AliMcD models "worshiping" one of the four patio heaters we had back stage sort of sums it up.

images: Sam Thorpe/pavementparade

images from iD Emerging

Laura Clausen experimented with new and different fabrics. It was a great pleasure to dress for Laura and get to see all the designer's garments up close.

Exit stage left

Sandra Tupu of AUT wins the sustainability prize. It's fab

Siobhan Moroney graduate of Otago Polytechnic. Amazing dresses all collars, fullness and frills... wow...
and Felix wears Glenn Yungnickel

Glenn Yungnickel of Crane Brothers put us In The Red

Hae Sung Bong, from Central Saint Martins. Some of these designs actually folded down into bags.

Otago Polytechnic Fashion School graduate Roxanna Zamani. Everyone must see the way these gowns move.

Ryota Shiga. What a fun guy and he's the maddest dancer! And look at those prints... amazing designer. Second place iD emerging designer awards 2010

Peace Paula Walden

These hair pieces by Paula Walden are incredible, I want the army man head band. And the jewellery is wow!
Winner iD emerging designer awards jewellery prize.

Lan Ching Fu chain jewellery

Ichiro Suzuki. Currently of Henry Poole and Co. Bespoke Tailors, Saville Row, London

some of the iD Dunedin Emerging Designers 2010
World Emerging Designers. Watch with anticipation...
all models: AliMcD all images: Sam Thorpe/pavement parade

Protector from Knitted Galaxy

Igor Galas, Winner iD Dunedin Emerging Designer Awards 2010.
models: AliMcD images: Sam Thorpe/pavement parade