Tuesday, September 21, 2010

parade//NZFashionWeek10 - day 1

here are some quick shots of Kathryn Wilson's shoes, brilliant! A rhomping soundtrack helped make for a superb show too.
I overheard many people right after the show discussing how they could get their hands on some and how amazing they thought the shoes were. I'm inclined to agree with them. I'm not a heels wearing guy (1 inch on my boots is quite enough), but I have already considered purchasing some of Kathryn's latest. Just for display, enjoyment, Amy to wear...

sorry for poor quality of images. (Almost) No zoom on my little camera, as I'm here to Usher not take photos :P

NZFW has started wonderfully//

parade/ Burberry

I await with GREAT anticipation the Burberry show, Spring 11, to be shown very soon!

Here are the Burberry Acoustic lead up clips to the show's release, on style dot com.


Burberry is usually a personal favorite of fashion week (London or Paris) and I will review their collection here once I have chance to.

Burberry Prorsum Fall 2010 -Style.com

I am rather busy this week ushering at NZFashionWeek. Yay! But will fit some international viewing in somewhere along side documenting some of our amazing local talent. I hope the standard is high and consistent, I feel NZ Fashion needs that///


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

parade/// New Zealand fashion Week 2010

I am going to New Zealand Fashion Week 2010

not as a blogger ;) As an Usher though! I get to watch all the shows and I plan on making all the contacts I can.
Getting keyed in is the key to success in this industry. Take each opportunity an all that. Tally ho then!!

I shall post interesting things here! :)

and you can read up and keep an eye on things here nzfashionweek.com

Thursday, September 9, 2010

interest// SWATCH+

Swatch watch: Object of the 80's and icon of post modernism, the original Swatch watch is, to my eyes, still yummy to look at, and flipping "cool" to have.

I have a small wish list of Swatch watches. Both retro originals and new.
Certain original styles can now fetch some hefty hefty prices and websites such as swatch and beyond and Squiggly's, who sell vintage and new swatches, have some very cool and rare items on them.

Here are some of the swatch watches that have stood out to me.

A very cool site is Shmid Muller.

pavement// photo shoot

Friend and fellow design student Sam Ralph and I were recently asked by friends to be involved in a photoshoot for Dunedin's newest expression rag, Marrow magazine

this turned out to be super fun, we braved cold winds and dizzying heights (rather higher than the bridge on recent NZ's topmodel, though slightly more stable), and had loads of fun taking photos!

I cannot post the resulting images until the magazine comes out at the end of the month, but untill then, here are some teasers :)

imagination// my love

hello reader, welcome
I am back now. sorry for loong absence!

here's a little film I made on elective last term

:) I quite like it
I hope you do too

"beep beep"
x x