Wednesday, April 28, 2010

parade// Burberry Prorsum

Burberry is a favorite collection of mine for Fall/10 Ready to Wear. Christopher Bailey has sent jackets down the runway that will keep you warm! And they are so freekin sweet man :D.

Thin, mid-thigh high boots or heavy, chunky, buckled, sheepskin lined boots of varied heights. It's also interesting all of the textures Bailey has used in this one collection, shiny and ruffled, wool, leather, snakeskin, fur. And almost all of that in 1 outfit.
:) The palette is very organic and military, but reminds me of autumn leaves. Good for a fall Collection ;). It's Very Burberry.
Khaki and browns command the ranks with a solid presence, black is always on watch, standing to attention as flashes of royal blue parade in and command attention and pretty burgundy's and white rustle through with ruffled dresses, skirts and bags, adding some elegance to the end of the collection.
I don't love every piece, but it is truly a collection that is done Well, and that feels complete in itself.

Christopher Bailey says he was inspired by an aviator jacket from the archives whilst thinking of cadet girls and uniforms. And he says he had fun doing it. (,2010). This really shows in this collection I believe. Everything he put on the runway looks like something he wanted to get out of himself, that he wanted to be out there.
I'm glad he did.

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Welcome to your dreams, welcome to Wonderland Alice

Alice - Mia Wasikowska

the White Queen - Anne Hathaway

the Red Queen - Helena Bonham Carter

the Hatter - Johnny Depp

these images from -thankyou

Recently I went and saw Tim Burton's acclaimed new film Alice in Wonderland in 3D, I love! 3D movies, Avatar was so brilliantly enjoyable for me, I can't stop grinning for how cool it all is and 'Alice' story/3D/movie is all fabulous, it helped make my week, Especially because I was spending it with my lovely girlfriend and her sister in Christchurch :)

I realize this film has been out for a while now but I am meeting people who have not seen it, and who do not want to. Please do. Go and see it, I feel bad if you miss it :) It's brilliant and the costumes are, so So cool. So good.
Costume designer Colleen Atwood (Edward Scissorhands. Little Women. Nine. The Tourist -2011 [Filming with Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp.]) has done a truly admirable, WONDERland job and some are predicting a third OSCAR for her already, I say yes! Certainly a nomination at the least (her ninth for an Academy award).

I like Alice though her character apparently annoys some people. Johnny Depp is pretty fantastic also... I admire him, the hatter is truly mad. Haha.
All the characters are brilliantly cast and the actors and actresses do fantastically at the job given them. I'm not so sure about Anne Hathaway's casting, as the White Queen she is really quite, erm, floaty and shallow. Not quite what I thought a good queen was like. But it's a harsh reality in Wonderland and the situation is desperately in need of change so! Her slight strangeness fits in in a strange way that adds to over-all wonderlandfullness of it. Wonderlandfullness, is that even a word? No. Oh well, it seems to me that if Shakespeare can use the kind of words he did then I can use some poetic words of my own.

A taster of wonderland dress, one day I hope to visit... ;)

these images from

The red dress worn whilst with the Red Queen. (of hearts)

Detail of Alice's blue dress.

Behind the scenes: Mia Wasikowska plays the most believable Alice. Wonderful


images: Disney
director: Tim Burton
costumes: Colleen Atwood

Here is a short of the film, just a note though, Alice in Wonderland does come across rather darker in the shorts than it turned out to be in the film. And, it really is brilliant.
Click here for Wonderland

PS. See it in 3D, it's worth it.

LATE! But I'm here, and in love

Such a delay in posts I know! I apologize profusely, but here I am again, we all had holidays here. ooh aand I now have the most wonderful girlfriend :)

Also capturing my attention though!
Miu Miu S/S10! Everyone is on about it and I like it too, a lot.
Here are some details and outfits that I like most from Miuccia Prada's questioning, sometimes provocative designs.

There is a clash of cute and class and provocation with the prints of dogs, cats, swallows and daisies being accompanied by one of a lounging nude women and little-girl dresses with cutouts and mesh inserts on the torso. So some of these tops and dresses I'm not sure where any one will wear them exactly... But I sure hope I see miu miu pantsuits and those wonderful high-waist dresses out on the streets.
I really think that seeing someone walk past me in a powder blue skirt and a pair of those swallow or daisy print heels will make me feel really happy.
And someone wearing one of miu miu's collars will be the subject to many compliments. :P Fabulous

I would like to get one of these dresses for Amy.

The pantsuits are fabulous

Embroidered, embellished Mesh inserts showing some skin, and the nude print sleeves. Muiccia Prada plays with the provocative.

Embellishments galore, I really want to touch these dresses actually, imagine all the different textures.

The wonderful colour palette, collars and prints. Cat and Swallow

daisy and swallow print platforms ooh :) haha what gorgeous and fun shoes

Detail of the nude print and miu miu clutch with swallow detail

All images from

To finish this enormous post! :P It's all good right? Two spreads from the current advertising campaign.

That's my share of miu miu magic for today. Just some details and pieces that I most appreciate. Please enjoy. Please buy and wear them past me on the street.

All images of Miu Miu S/S 2010