Wednesday, April 21, 2010

LATE! But I'm here, and in love

Such a delay in posts I know! I apologize profusely, but here I am again, we all had holidays here. ooh aand I now have the most wonderful girlfriend :)

Also capturing my attention though!
Miu Miu S/S10! Everyone is on about it and I like it too, a lot.
Here are some details and outfits that I like most from Miuccia Prada's questioning, sometimes provocative designs.

There is a clash of cute and class and provocation with the prints of dogs, cats, swallows and daisies being accompanied by one of a lounging nude women and little-girl dresses with cutouts and mesh inserts on the torso. So some of these tops and dresses I'm not sure where any one will wear them exactly... But I sure hope I see miu miu pantsuits and those wonderful high-waist dresses out on the streets.
I really think that seeing someone walk past me in a powder blue skirt and a pair of those swallow or daisy print heels will make me feel really happy.
And someone wearing one of miu miu's collars will be the subject to many compliments. :P Fabulous

I would like to get one of these dresses for Amy.

The pantsuits are fabulous

Embroidered, embellished Mesh inserts showing some skin, and the nude print sleeves. Muiccia Prada plays with the provocative.

Embellishments galore, I really want to touch these dresses actually, imagine all the different textures.

The wonderful colour palette, collars and prints. Cat and Swallow

daisy and swallow print platforms ooh :) haha what gorgeous and fun shoes

Detail of the nude print and miu miu clutch with swallow detail

All images from

To finish this enormous post! :P It's all good right? Two spreads from the current advertising campaign.

That's my share of miu miu magic for today. Just some details and pieces that I most appreciate. Please enjoy. Please buy and wear them past me on the street.

All images of Miu Miu S/S 2010

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